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Let us know your aspirations and challenges as an expat, and we’ll tailor strategies specifically for you.

Insurance Made Friendly for Expats

We are your experts when it comes to Insurances for expats in germany.



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We understand the unique needs of young professionals relocating to Germany. Let us help you with comprehensive insights into German insurance and retirement plans.


Prioritize your health with our comprehensive insurance plans and wellness resources.


Secure your and your loved ones’ future with our range of life insurance options.


Plan for a comfortable retirement with our tailored secure pension solutions.

Your Path to Getting Started

Our step-by-step process designed to seamlessly integrate our services into your life. From the initial personalized consultation to the ongoing support, we ensure each stage is tailored to your needs, fully digital for convenience, and backed by our commitment to long-term, individualized assistance.

1. Tailored & Free Consultation

First, we will arrange an initial consultation with you. We'll listen carefully to find a perfect fit for your needs.

2. Individual plan

Receive a plan crafted just for you. We take into account your individual circumstances to create a strategy that aligns perfectly with your personal and financial objectives.

3. Full digital access

Enjoy the convenience of full digital access to our services. From easy online management to digital communication tools, experience seamless, efficient interactions at your fingertips.

4. Personal support

Rest assured with our commitment to long-term support. Our team is dedicated to providing ongoing, personalized assistance, ensuring your needs are met today and in the future.

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